Aurora University

Admission Requirements

The general admission requirements are found in the section “Graduate Admission Requirements.” In addition to the requirements listed, students must hold a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or a bachelor’s degree in some other field with extensive coursework in mathematics, as well as submit one letter of recommendation from a department supervisor or school administrator.

The following items are required for application to the program:

  • A completed Graduation Application for Admission
  • Official college transcripts from all previous institutions attended
  • One letter of recommendation from a department supervisor or school administrator
  • Resume

Residency Requirements

A minimum of 30 semester hours of graduate credit must be earned at Aurora University in order to receive this degree. A maximum of six semester hours of graduate credit may be transferred from a regionally accredited college or university and applied to the requirements of this degree. Any coursework submitted for transfer must be approved by the mathematics program faculty and the chair of the division.

All graduate transfer credit from other institutions must be submitted at the time of acceptance into the program. Once the applicant has been accepted for enrollment in the program, it is expected that he/she will complete all coursework for the degree at Aurora University. No coursework may be transferred to Aurora University after enrollment. See the section “Transfer of Credit” for other conditions governing the transfer of credit.

Academic Standards and Evaluation

At the graduate level, a “C” grade indicates less than complete mastery of the content of a course. Only two grades of “C” are accepted at the graduate level in this program and they must be balanced by two grades of “A.” See the section “Academic Standards” for other conditions governing academic standards and the graduate grading system.