Aurora University


Kris Johnson
Kris Johnson, MS, CTRS

Associate Professor of Therapeutic Recreation, Chair of Therapeutic Recreation and Autism Studies Office Phone: 630-844-5624
Email: Areas of expertise: Pediatric orthopedics, spinal cord injury, wheelchair sports, adventure therapy, animal-assisted therapy Education: MS, Recreation Administration, Aurora University
BS, Therapeutic Recreation, University of Iowa
Favorite thing about AU: "The holistic commitment this university has to its students." View LinkedIn Profile

Brianne Jonathan
Brianne Jonathan, MA, LBSI, BCBA

Director of Autism Initiative Office Phone: 630-844-4209
Email: Areas of expertise: Autism Spectrum Disorder, special education, executive functioning, neurodiversity in education and community settings, emotional disorders, learning disabilities, social model of disability, strengths-based model of disability Education: MA, Curriculum and Instruction, Aurora University
BA, Special Education, Aurora University Favorite thing about AU: "AU has always felt like home to me, which is a testament to the faculty and staff, the students, and the campus itself. The peace and calm I feel here nurture learning and productivity."