Student Complaint Process

Aurora University is committed to thoroughly and promptly addressing student concerns, complaints, and grievances.

A “complaint” is an expression of dissatisfaction concerning a university employee (faculty or staff), department, service, process, or action by the administration. Complaints may require clarification, investigation, and/or resolution.

Complaint Resolution

Campus Conduct Concerns

Students who want to report disruptive, disturbing, or distressed behaviors of another student should submit a report to the Behavioral Intervention Team.

Students who want to report incidents of bias that have harmed another student should submit a report to the Bias Incident Response Team.

Sexual Misconduct Concerns

Complaints regarding sexual misconduct fall under the Title IX Sexual Harassment Policy or Sex Discrimination, Sexual Misconduct, and Interpersonal Violence Policy and should be reported using the Sexual Misconduct ‘Report It’ Form.

Academic Concerns

Complaints relating to unfair grading, academic integrity violations, academic dismissal, and student code of conduct violations fall under the policies found in the Academic Catalog and/or A-Book. Use this form to file a petition to appeal a course grade.

Financial Aid and/or Billing Concerns

Students who want to file a tuition or room waiver appeal may do so using the Tuition and Room Waiver Appeal form. Students wanting to appeal a late fee can fill out the Late Fee Appeal form.

Other Concerns

Other complaints include concerns that policies or procedures were applied incorrectly to a student’s particular case or complaints about actions by staff, faculty, or administrators. The student complaint policy is available here.

Step 1: Informal Process

Whenever possible, students are encouraged to resolve complaints by discussing the issue with the office or employee directly. Many problems are resolved through honest and open communication. If you don't know who to contact with questions or concerns, Ask Sammy.

Step 2: Formal Process

If a complaint is unresolved after following the informal complaint procedures, the student may choose to file a formal complaint and have the issue officially documented. A formal complaint may be submitted through the student complaint form.

Please note that complaints related to properly executed academic, campus life, or financial appeals process will be dismissed without further action.

External Resources

If the formal complaint process does not resolve the problem, and the student does not live in California, the student may file a complaint with the Illinois Board of Higher Education. Online students who live in California may file a complaint with the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

Students who have exhausted Aurora University and state options for handing complaints may contact the university’s accreditor, The Higher Learning Commission.