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Student Complaint Policy and Procedure

Student Complaint Policy

Student concerns are of the utmost importance to the University administration. Students should pursue complaints and appeals related to unfair grading, academic integrity violations, academic dismissal, and student code of conduct violations via the policies to be found in the Academic Catalog and/or A-Book. Should a complaint not relate to those topics, but rather represent dissatisfaction concerning a University employee, department, service, or process, or a University administrative action, a student may file a complaint in writing utilizing the form here.

NOTE: Dealing with concerns in the most direct and honest fashion should always be the first step toward resolution. Many problems are resolved when one makes an appointment with a faculty or staff member and calmly and honestly communicates their concerns.

Student Complaint Process and Procedure Overview

  • A complaint must be made in writing, preferably using the Student Complaint Form. It is important to report complaints promptly and to include a short and concise statement of all the relevant facts and the action or remedy you are requesting so that an investigation can be completed and a resolution achieved.
  • The student will receive a confirmation of receipt using the contact information provided on the Student Complaint Form.
  • The complaint will be reviewed by the Dean of Academic Administration to determine appropriate action, within 10 business days. If the complaint relates to a properly executed academic, student life, or financial appeals process, the complaint will be dismissed without further action. Other complaints requiring further action will be referred to the appropriate academic or administrative official for investigation and resolution. The student will be advised in writing either (a) that it has referred the complaint to an administrator for investigation and resolution, and to whom the complaint was referred, or (b) that it has dismissed the complaint and the reason for the dismissal.
  • An administrator to whom a complaint has been referred has 20 business days from the date of the referral to investigate and address the complaint. During the investigation and resolution process the administrator will communicate directly with the student who has filed the complaint. At the conclusion of the investigation and resolution the administrator will notify the student and the Dean of Academic Administration in writing of the results of the investigation and the resolution of the complaint.
  • The Dean of Academic Administration may extend the investigation period beyond 20 business days by notifying, in writing, the student who filed the complaint, using the contact information provided on the Student Complaint Form.
  • A complaint may be dismissed without further action if the student fails to cooperate in the investigation.

Students should complete the university’s internal complaint process before seeking external resolution of the issue. External agencies will refer complaints back to the university if the internal process has not been completed.

Aurora University participates in the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) and is an approved SARA institution in the state of Illinois. If the complaint cannot be resolved after exhausting the Student Complaint Process, and the student does not live in California*, the student may file a complaint with the Illinois Board of Higher Education using their Institutional Complaint System located at

*Online students who live in California may file a complaint with the California Department of Consumer Affairs at

All students who have exhausted Aurora University and state options for handing complaints may contact the university’s accreditor:

The Higher Learning Commission
30 N. LaSalle Street, Suite 2400
Chicago, IL 60602-2504
800-621-7440 or 312-263-0456