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Planning for graduate school well in advance of your senior year will help ensure a successful transition from undergraduate to graduate student. We can help you chart your career path and determine if graduate school is required or recommended for professional success.

Steps for Applying to Graduate School

Junior year of undergraduate degree

  1. Research programs of interest.
  2. Make a list of requirements and deadlines for each program of interest.
  3. If needed, sign up to take the required graduate exam (e.g., GRE, MCAT, GMAT).
  4. Begin studying for and preparing for the exam.
  5. Decide who you will ask for letters of recommendation.
  6. Start preparing documents needed (e.g., transcripts, resume/CV, and personal statements).
  7. Attend graduate school fairs and open houses at graduate programs of interest.

Summer between junior and senior year

  1. If required, continue studying for and take necessary graduate exam.
  2. Send scores to appropriate programs.
  3. Visit programs of interest.
  4. Continue preparing necessary documents for application.
  5. Begin requesting letters of recommendation.

Senior year

  1. Take required graduate exam again if needed.
  2. Request letters of recommendation, giving letter writers plenty of time to write a strong letter.
  3. Continue to complete necessary documents.
  4. Begin completing application.
  5. Have someone review application and necessary documents.
  6. Submit documents well before the deadline.
  7. If part of the process, prepare for and interview for graduate programs.
  8. Hear back about acceptances and rejections – make decision where to go to school.

If you need assistance with any of these steps or for more information, contact the Center for Student Success at 630-844-5403 or email

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For more information, or to schedule an appointment with the Center for Student Success, call 630-844-5403 or email